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Class Descriptions

Classical Pilates Class

Learn the repertoire developed by the master himself Joseph Pilates. This is a classical Pilates reformer class working every muscle in the body uniformly with a strong emphasis on core strengthening. We believe Joe's method worked, and we are committed to staying true to his vision. The class moves in unison and is led by the instructor. Clients are responsible for adjusting the Pilates reformer through the workout. Appointments are required for all classes. 

Pilates Fusion Class

This class is designed for people at all levels of physical fitness and will work virtually every part of the body. 

With a maximum of 3 students, each reformer class provides semi-private instruction. Focusing on form, technique, core strength, and flexibility, this class is a fusion of traditional Pilates and dynamic strength training within a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Level One Pilates Class

New to Pilates? Have injuries, or need to move at a slower pace? This class will go over Pilates Basics and how to make adjustments to the equipment and springs. Level One Class will make sure you are engaging your muscles correctly to achieve the best results, this can be a very challenging workout. 


Pilates Advanced Fusion Class

This class will challenge you to your core! Classical Pilates combined with Lagree Method.

 STRENGTHEN. TIGHTEN. TONE.  This is a vigorous fitness program that fuses the principles of Pilates with strength training, cardio, resistance and counter-resistance for full body conditioning. Must have previous Pilates experience for this class.


  • All classes are 50 minutes

  • Please sign up at least an hour prior to class start time

  • Socks are optional (we disinfect our equipment between each use)

  • Form fitting clothes are recommended

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